Phone: 595 21 448765
Address: Estrella esq. 15 de Agosto



Hotel Las Margaritas surprises many visitors due to its rich collection of artistic and crafted works made by outstanding Paraguayan hands and talents which are exposed with simplicity along the premises, turning the Hotel into a great show window of the national art, with fresh colors, pleasant and audacious themes.

The art of cold wrought iron in Chandeliers, Wall Lamps and Banisters of the Lobby, the pictures of Cathedrals and Churches of the Paraguayan colonial architecture in all rooms and passages, the Lobby’s oil mural painting, unique in its class, pictures with replicas of colonial doors, windows and façades in the reception area and in other areas are part of the above mentioned.

Unique handcrafted pieces, the wooden colonial consoles of 1800 and the access door to the Restaurant, artistically recycled from a house of the past century, the wooden handle of the main door, delicately carved, was inspired in the flora and fauna of the country. These are just some of the details which reflect the whole potential of our nation.

Once you are in the reception area of the hotel, you will sense a nice warm and home atmosphere, as if you were entering through the door of a house where attention was paid to all the details to give a warm welcome.